Our company provides a wide range of transportation, warehousing, brokerage, and trade show services to meet the needs of carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics clients.

MCO Cartage is a full service Freight Forwarding Industry Service Agent. We provide U.S Customs brokerage, pickup, routing, delivery, consolidation, and handling of cargo on behalf of worldwide Freight Forwarding companies and other clients.

U.S. Customs Brokerage :Contact bradp@mcocartage.com
Import Entry

Customs import bond

Electronic filing

Truckload Brokerage: Contact bradp@mcocartage.com
Partial Loads

Flatbed- Single drop -Double drop

Expedited Service

Trade Shows

U.S. Cartage Service: Contact bradp@mcocartage.com
Pick up


Cargo Transfer

Warehousing: Contact bradp@mcocartage.com



Crating & Packaging

Trade Show - Convention Services: Contact bradp@mcocartage.com

U.S. Customs Brokerage:
Full service U.S. customs brokerage for many U.S. ports of entry: We provide a one-stop, customer-oriented logistics facility that handles all types of freight and specializes in Perishables, Air and Ocean Consolidations, Motor Vehicle Import & Export, Personal Effects, Hunting Trophy Import & Export, Textiles, Food Products, Antiques, Artwork and Furniture.  Visit KCI Customs Brokers, Inc. web site: Clomid price australia
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Import Entry:
Many U.S. Ports covered. U.S inland service available. Free trade zone storage and international on forwarding services. We provide a one-stop, customer-oriented logistics facility that handles all types of freight and specializes in Perishables, Air and Ocean Consolidations, Motor Vehicle Import & Export, Personal Effects, Hunting Trophy Import & Export, Textiles, Food Products, Antiques, Artwork and Furniture. Single entry customs bond or continuous. Contact Brad Portman bradp@mcocartage.com for details.
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Customs import bond:
Single entry customs bond or continuous. Contact Brad Portman: e-mail: bradp@mcocartage.com for details.
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Electronic filing:

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Truck Brokerage:

Truck Load Services:

We provide virtually any type of equipment for transporting goods between all points in the 48 states as well as Canada and Mexico.

Direct management and communication with each unit is provided to control pick up and delivery schedules. Extensive follow up on each and every move has proven results for customer satisfaction.

  • Time sensitive

  • Specialized Hauling, Oversized / Overweight
  • Special Equipment
  • Temperature controlled
  • Rail and Intermodal
  • Container/ Truck consolidation & deconsolidation
  • Rigging

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Partial Loads:
Partial load brokerage can be a big benefit to your company as an alternative to LTL common carrier movements. Large LTL shipments are priced on mileage and volume usage. 1/4 - 1/2 - 3/4 loads are available daily.
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Flatbed- Single drop -Double drop:
Heavy hauling, escort service, and flat bed equipment is available for local and cross-country projects.
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Expedited Service:
Same day booking including pickup and or delivery.
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Trade Show Freight:
See Trade show services.
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U.S. Cartage Services:
Local Orlando ACI zone cartage. 24 hr/day 7 days/week. Liftgate trucks, Nextel direct connect communication, e-track with straps, pallet jack on board, various packing material, and 2nd man available.
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Pick up:

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Cargo Transfer:

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MCO Cartage offers receiving, storage, truck-container unloaing or loading, and custom distribution options for short and long term projects. Contact us for details.
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Receiving and storage:

By project as outlined by customer.

Scope: Receive multiple inbound shipments on behalf of customer. Store material until required service instructions. Provide access to material at all times for client staff.

Specific Project Outline:

Customer provided information Delivery consignment: Inbound shipments for receiving into storage should be consigned as follows:

“Customer Name” C/O MCO Cartage, Inc.

9025 Boggy Creek Road unit 5

Orlando, FL 32824

Phone: 407-816-9570 Fax: 407-816-9499

Note: Advanced delivery notification is required to assure prompt receiving. Our customer service staff will be glad to contact and communicate with your carrier(s) to coordinate receiving dates and times. Receiving material outline:

 Exterior condition inspection and note any exceptions on the carrier bill of lading.

 Check material off customer open P.O. list.

 Enter in receiving log.

 Contact client with receiving information.

 Provide copy of packing list, receiving log, exception notes. (Fax or e-mail)

 Stage material for pending delivery.

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Crating & Packaging:

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Trade Show - Convention Services:

TRADE SHOW/ CONVENTION SERVICES MCO Cartage offers information and proven handling procedures to assist exhibitors, promoters and organizations with economical transportation and logistics services. We work with each individual exhibitor to arrange the proper transportation of their materials to and from conventions and tradeshows worldwide. Our experience with all major convention services companies allows MCO Cartage to work in unison with your requirements and those established by each convention. In addition your road crew will have the benefit of 24-hr. toll free access to a MCO Cartage representative for all services. From the time you receive your exhibitor package (Issued by the convention Service Company) our customer service representatives will assist you with all of your transportation arrangements including moving your material from show to show, temporary in transit storage, pick-up and delivery etc.

With an established account with MCO Cartage all services will be invoiced. GENERAL INFORMATION In this general information section we will concentrate on the exhibit material handling process and areas where MCO Cartage services will benefit you. Understanding the requirements outlined in your exhibitor package (Issued by the Convention/ Expo/ or Show Service Company) will better assure the success of your materials being handled efficiently and economically by the designated Convention Service Company. Knowing your options for transportation is very important in controlling your total exhibit costs. The designated Convention Service Company (CSC for abbreviation purposes in this information) provides and or contracts on behalf of the exhibitor multiple needed services, such as exhibitor check in, material receiving, booth setup, electrical and mechanical services, decorating and booth supplies, etc. The Convention center or Hotel also provides services that should all be outlined in your exhibitor instruction package. There are usually regulations established by the Convention Center, Hotel, or CSC that may limit exhibitor involvement with certain labor functions. Exhibitors are given the option to have their materials delivered to the point of entry and picked up from the point of exit for each convention or show. The point of entry is where the Convention Service Company (CSC) takes over. This point can be the actual receiving dock at the facility where the exhibit or convention is being held or an off site Convention Service Company’s receiving facility. The point of exit is usually the shipping/ receiving area at the facility where the exhibit is being held.

Note: Refer to your exhibitor information to assure you schedule your material delivery to the most cost-effective destination. Note: each time your material is handled by the CSC you are charged a fee (Usually a minimum and a per pound amount). MCO Cartage will deliver your material in accordance to your instructions and obtain a P.O.D. (Proof of Delivery) sign off from the CSR. This information can be very helpful by identifying that your product has been received by the CSR. Larger conventions may require a marshalling area be established for the staging of delivery and pickup vehicles. There are various rules and regulations in place (Some never mentioned in your exhibitor information) that require vehicle check in, specific dock door assignment, and waiting time. MCO Cartage has established experience in handling Tradeshow and Convention material as well as communication and familiarity with these facilities.

Our staff will schedule and monitor the status of your material and minimize the unnecessary accessorial charges. The CSC receives your materials at the convention or show and performs the (Drayage) movement of your materials from the receiving point of entry to your designated booth or room location. In order for your material to be properly received all materials must be labeled with convention center or hotel address in care of the established CSC, the name of the show, your assigned booth(s) number, and attention party (Company Name and representative). Note: Always refer to your exhibitor information package for additional labeling information. Deadlines are established for having your materials delivered or picked up from the Convention Center, Hotel C/O the designated Convention Service Company. Knowing this information is very important and should be provided to your exhibit staff prior to arriving at the show. At the close of the show all of your materials will need to be properly packaged and labeled with the destination address and contact information. All of your MCO Cartage transportation instructions, whether prearranged or setup when you call in your order, will be electronically available to the station picking up or delivering your material. Contact MCO Cartage toll free at 888-733-1012 and advise our customer service representative with the time that your material will be ready to go.

A “Forced out” time is established for the final removal of any material left behind by an exhibitor. The “Forced” material is removed by the CSC and turned over to a designated transportation carrier. To avoid having your material “Forced” each exhibitor should submit a completed Shippers Bill of Lading to the CSR prior to leaving the show. Each CSR will provide these forms. You must note on the Bill of Lading the carrier you want to pickup your material, i.e. MCO Cartage, Inc. 888-733-1012. It is not necessary to have a MCO Cartage BOL prepared, The CSR Bill of Lading showing MCO Cartage as the carrier is acceptable.

A detailed instruction package is available from MCO Cartage that is specifically prepared for your company and road crew. Our customer service staff is available 24 hrs to assist any exhibitor with shipment information. ADDITIONAL LOGISTIC SERVICES Many exhibitors take advantage of cost savings by utilizing multiple logistics options. MCO Cartage offers many services to save our customers time and money. Temporary in transit storage: When you have multiple destinations for various tradeshows and conventions MCO Cartage can move your material to the destination city and hold for delivery. The minimum storage fees are usually much less than the cost to return all items back to your facility and ship out again. MCO Cartage will be glad to work up cost estimates based on your show schedule and material requirements. Multiple destinations: All or individual materials can be sent to different destinations. Our operations staff will work with prearranged instructions or information provided by your road crew. Many companies use a numbering system for their materials to assist their road crew with proper labeling for each destination. Reconsignement services are also available on any shipment. Shipping and information from the show:

Anytime throughout your convention MCO Cartage is available to supply cost quotations, information, shipment scheduling, or pick-up shipments. Many exhibitors inform their potential buyers to contact MCO Cartage toll free 888-733-1012 to inquire about transportation options. Because of our worldwide network we can also arrange most any service available locally, such as packaging and crating, international documentation, warehousing and storage etc. We provide our customers on the road the same services offered locally.

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